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Quick Info
Developer AntMe! GmbH
Author Tom Wendel
Newest Version 1.7.3

Dive into the coolest, most exciting programming game the world has ever seen! Or, exaggerations aside: sit down and immerse yourself in a very interesting, useful and relevant game that teaches you how to write real, working code.

In AntMe! you take on the role of a whole ant colony. Search for food in a virtual world, battle dangerous bugs and defend your anthill from rival colonies. But you don't control your ants with a boring old mouse and keyboard combo. That's so last year. No - in AntMe! you use something far more powerful: real source code. You'll learn how to write real programs in real programming languages that tell all the ants in your colony how to act and what to do.

Installation and Getting Started
Before you can take command of your colony, you need to install AntMe! on your computer. That means you need to install the game itself as well as a few extra bits that help it run (what programmers call "dependencies"). So you will also need to download and install a development environment, which is what you will use to write and edit the code itself. And you will need a couple of frameworks, which are sort of like building blocks that programmers use.
Background Info
We are still working on this section - when we're done you'll be able to read about the history of the ant simulator and the ideas behind it. You'll also be able to find info about the various versions of AntMe! here.
Programming Your Ants
Once you have gotten acquainted with the game you can start programming your ants. The tutorial lessons are a great place to begin. There's also a technical description of the process that you might prefer if you already have some programming experience.
Plugins and Mods
Besides programming the ants themselves you can also edit and extend the game in other ways. There are many ways to modify the game using configuration files. You can also download and even create plugins that allow you to add new features and expand the game's functionality.